Monday, April 26, 2010

Gifted: Mom's birthday

Full-Contact Apron 3
My mom had a birthday last weekend! I didn't know what to make her, so one day I just broke down and asked. I was sure glad I did! Turned out she needed a new apron, and she'd seen the obi hot/cold wraps I've been making and wanted one of those, too. Suggestions always help!

Full-Contact Apron detail
The apron pattern came from Seams to Me. It took a while to make and I had a LOT of leftover fabric that I used to make the bias tape, but I really like the final result. I made this apron over a month ago so I don't really remember the experience of making it, but I think it was easy enough and the directions were clear. This was my first time making covered buttons, which were super easy (but also pretty big, which probably helped). I made the neck strap on the bias, as called for in the pattern, but I guess it's a bit too long for my mom. Oh well--I guess it's better to have that be too big than too small!

Mom obi wrap
And here's yet another obi-inspired hot/cold wrap from One-Yard Wonders. These are so simple, and so great. Every one I give has been really happily received!

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