Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crafty swap! (part 2)

Hippo swap 8

As I mentioned previously, I did a private swap with the amazing Rita. Here is the hippo that I traded her for the pea pod! It's made following my usual pattern and uses all Anna Maria Horner Good Folks fabrics. Actually, they were pre-washed and are leftovers from when I made this dress.

Hippo swap 3

I fussy-cut the fabrics for this one so that the legs/underbelly and snout/head gusset would be a little different than the sides. I really like the effect of this. Part of why it works is the amazingness of the AMH fabrics. I can't help it--I adore her stuff!

Hippo swap 4

I was actually really nervous to make this hippo! I made it specifically for Rita, and I hadn't made any in a while, so I did my best to be very very careful and make it really well. I still messed up some stuff, but I think overall it turned out really cute! Thanks, Rita, for giving her such a good home! I'm so happy she's there.

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Ritapizza said...

Thank you, kitty~! I loooooves her! Thank you a million times for your cute cute hippo! You choose the most lovely fabrics and love how you fussy-cut them -- brilliant! I will take very good care of her ^_^