Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crafty swap!

Pea pods swap
I have long been a fan of Rita--through her blog, her Flickr page, her Etsy shop, and now on Facebook. A while ago I was commenting (yet again) on how adorable her plushies are when she asked if I'd like to do a swap. I jumped at the chance! I'd been eyeing her pea pods for a while, so we agreed to swap one of her pea pods for one of my hippos.

Pea pods swap 1
As you can see, Rita went above and beyond the pea pod! I also got the adorable bunny case, some buttons, a sweet note, some fabric, and some Mochi Studios business cards! Wow! I am blown away. The craftsmanship of the pea pod is even beyond what I had imagined--Rita does amazing work! It is super soft, too. I am SO lucky! Thank you so much, Rita, for a fantastic swap. I hope you like your hippo!!


Anonymous said...

so cute!!!!

Aimee Sue said...

Love it!