Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wee Robot

wee robot 5
Yet another May birthday gift! I made this Wee Robot for my friend Robert using the pattern in the Softies book. Robert really likes robots, and I'd been itching to make this guy since I got this book, so it was a win-win!

wee robot 3
I really enjoyed making this guy. I did have to enlarge the base, as the one in the pattern was too small and I wouldn't have been able to attach the body without gathering it at the bottom. I did like all of the hand-stitching, and the final effect is really cool. I had a lot of trouble with the arms, though. It took me probably two hours just to get the wire through the body and then get it wrapped with yarn. I love that the arms are movable, but wish I'd had a better needle or some other way of getting that yarn inside the body.

wee robot 2
I was in and out of the hardware store so fast when I got the wire that I forgot to look for other hardware for the antennae, so I ended up hand-twisting some (inspired by this robot). I really like the final look. Happy birthday, Bobby!

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