Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catching up

*sigh* I am so far behind in my blogging / blog reading / Flickr updating that it's not even funny. It's ridiculous, really. Though I guess the good thing is that I have been crafting even if I haven't been keeping up with it on the blog! So, anyway, this will be a little bit of a catch-all post so that I can move on to more recent pictures. Everything in this post has been done for at least a month!

birthday dress 2
First up, pictured above (and being worn today), is my birthday dress! My birthday is April 8 and I finished the dress just in time. I used pretty much the same pattern I did for this dress, but changed it up a little bit. Instead of using elastic in the sleeve hem, I did a little pleat at the shoulder and at the bottom of it. I also cut the dress pretty short, then added a contrasting band hem the same way you would stitch on some double-fold bias tape. It was chilly on my actual birthday, so I wore the dress with some knee-high black boots to this bit of amazingness (which was nothing short of awesome). I even got a, "That is a sweet dress!" from the funky girl behind me at the show, which was super sweet.

Next is another Dear Jane block: G2. This one took a while because it has 28 (!!) pieces! But it's a pleasure, as always. I am now 16 blocks down, too many more to go.

linen patchwork bag 3
And last for this post is the cosmetics pouch from I Love Patchwork! This was a quick and satisfying project for me. It is a great size and came together really easily. It now holds all of my hand-stitching stuff, which I should really commit to using more often and making more progress on my Dear Jane.

Hopefully more posts TK later this week. I had a lovely and productive long holiday weekend, which is now screwing up everything else!


mommymae said...

that *is* a great dress. nice one!

50 foot QE said...

Oh Yeah!!!
So glad to see this.

On the verge said...

I soooooooo love this dress!!!!

do you mind if i knit said...

I love what you've done with this dress, the modifications you've made look fantastic. I just added my dress to flickr, and one of the things I would do differently is decrease the amount of fabric in the body like yours. The zip up the back, and taking out the pleats works beautifully. You're an inspiration, thank you!