Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby gifts

Lowell booties and doggie
A good friend of mine has a baby that is going through a tough time right now, so I couldn't help but put together a little package of handmades to make baby (and mom) feel a little better. (Plus I had a new bootie pattern I wanted to try out!)

Lowell booties 1
The booties are from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings. I've previously made baby booties following the pattern in Amy Butler's Little Stitches, but I like these better. For one thing, they seemed to come together a little bit easier/quicker without all that fussing with velcro and many many layers of interfacing. For another, I think they're just as cute. Anna Maria's pattern doesn't call for any hand-stitching, instead telling you to fuse the insoles into the bottom of the booties, but I had trouble with that. I ended up blind-stitching the insoles in to the lining, just to make sure they stayed in place.

Lowell booties 2 bottom
I made the booties in the 6-9 month size and the 9-12 month size. For the largest size (pictured above), I used a textured fabric for the sole to give baby a little bit of grip for scooting around. The grippy fabric was really inexpensive at my LQS and easy to work with--I'm glad I tried it out for this project.

Scottie dog 3
The Scottie dog softie was made following this (free) pattern, with a few modifications. I reduced the size of the patchwork squares slightly, to 2" cut, because I wanted my doggie to be more baby-sized than the one in the pattern. I had a much more difficult time than I thought I would stitching the gusset around the dog! Those corners were really tricky. Instead of using buttons for the eyes, I blanket-stitched on some felt circles. I get so nervous using buttons on baby things! (I used quilting thread to stitch the buttons to the booties, and even then stitched each one a good 20 times, just to be safe!)

Hope you like it, kiddo!


eileensideways said...

adorable. what baby wouldn't want to wear those. sweet

50 foot QE said...

You are "different class"!!!

Andrea said...

So cute! Great idea to use the textured fabric for the bigger ones. I made a pair and I should have done that!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com