Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New(est) ink!

sewing machine tattoo 3
In my last post, I promised pictures of some "needlework" I had done. Here it is! My newest, most bad-assest tattoo! It's a line drawing of my grandmother's sewing machine, an old Necchi, on my inner left forearm, just below the elbow. I. Love. It!!

sewing machine tattoo before after
Here's a little before-and-after. The photo of the machine is the one I gave to Molly, my tattoo artist (at Witch City Ink, which I would highly recommend!), who drew up the tattoo from there. I love all of the detail she was able to keep--the knobs and levers, even the thread guides and, my favorite, the screw holes on the throat plate!

sewing machine tattoo 7
I got the tattoo in early August so I've had some time to adjust to it already, but I'm continually struck by how awesome it is. I love having this reminder of what I love (both sewing, and my grandmother) right where I can see it. All of the time.

sewing machine tattoo 4
Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. I wear my sewing machine on my arm.


Anonymous said...

badass! i love it :)

mommymae said...

oh, dear! i love it, too! i have plans to get another tattoo, but have yet to follow through with finding a shop & what-not.

Tethered Threads Block Party said...

Karissa, I love the tattoo.