Monday, September 20, 2010

Where have I been?

piles of craft
I have pretty much spent the entire month of September chained to my sewing machine, churning out crafts for my first real craft fair--this Saturday! Above is a picture of the piles of stuff I have (almost) done.

scarf rack 2
Here are some of the 12 quilted scarves I have finished. These are patchworked onto batting, backed with cozy flannel, and topstitched. I've had my own since last winter and I love it! So warm and comfy! Scarves finish around 6-1/2" x 60"--plenty long to wrap around your neck once or twice.

all minis
These are the mini-quilts I have completed--plus some I have nearly completed. As of this writing, I have 5 of the 13 of them completely done. Those that aren't finished just need me to hand-stitch the binding to the backing (easier said than done, though). The quilts all finish around 20" x 30", which is a perfect travel size for baby! They would also make great wall art. Most of them are backed with flannel, too! Soft AND cozy!

FF minis 2
This is just a gratuitous shot of my favorite minis, all using Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannels. These were a dream to work with, and are SO soft! Also, they're gorgeous, like all of her stuff!

Pricing is still a little in question for me. I think I have it figured out, but I'd like to pose the question to you, dear reader: If you were to buy one of my scarves, how much would you be willing to pay? Same with the mini-quilts; what do you think they're worth? Would you pay more for the Folksy Flannel ones? I've been pouring ALL of my energy into these for weeks, and I doubt I'll be able to make any kind of profit on them once I factor in my time, but I'm curious to know what other people think. I also think I'm overvaluing my work because I'm having a hard time letting go..


DangAndBlast! said...

Hmm. I tend to undervalue things because I think, "I could make that," even though I *won't* make it, so I rarely buy things I can make (unless the materials alone would cost more than the product -- that's for mass-produced sweaters -- or I'm on a deadline (baby shower's tomorrow!) and can't make it in time). And I can't guess at a price for the scarves because I wouldn't get one -- I live in Houston! But I'd probably pay about $30 for a flannel mini quilt. Maybe a bit more. (I love the folksy flannels colors, btw.)

Anonymous said...

OH, those mini quilts are crazy adorable! Love everything. I have no idea how much they should cost - but I know I'd pay it, whatever the price may be!

Karissa said...

Thanks, ladies! I too tend to not buy any fabric things at craft fairs because I know I could make them, whether I actually do or not! Pricing is tricky because I don't want to undervalue, but I don't want to be greedy, and I want to sell what I have, but not too quickly, and I don't want a ton of inventory left over... So much to think about!