Monday, October 11, 2010

Craft show: FAIL

craft booth 1
As I indicated in my last post, I did all of this work for naught. I'm not sure what it was that made people not buy my wares. In some ways, it was a perfect storm of no-sales: the weather was a gorgeous 81*, which kept people from thinking "fall! scarves! quilts!" and also sent a number of potential customers to the beach. We didn't have the best booth placement, but there weren't that many booths there, so I'm sure all interested parties made their way around to our space.

us at craft booth
I ended up selling my scarves for $30 and my mini-quilts for $45 / $60 for the all-flannel ones. I sold two quilts and something like four scarves--all to people I knew! Seriously, why did I pay a booth fee to sell to co-workers or friends I see every week? It was a bit ridiculous. Hilary had an equally poor showing, and she usually makes a killing selling her sock critters, so we really have no idea why we got so few bites. Maybe we were just too funky for our own good?

craft booth sign
I mean, seriously. How adorable is that sign?! We are not giving up--we're definitely exploring other avenues, but the deadlines for holiday shows passed long ago, so we may have to sit on our inventory for a while. Lovely.

So, could I interest you in some handmades??


Rebecca said...

Hi Karissa
Persistence I think - your booth looks great.
cheers Rebecca in NZ

the REAL girl said...

I totally understand- last year, I did a craft show of knitted winter hats with flowers on them---people walked by "HOW CUTE!" I sold 2. Honestly, it was demeaning. So this year, I'm afraid to be a part of the show.....the invite is still sitting on the counter and I can't bring myself to sign up....
The economy is part of it and many people do NOT understand the time, work, and money involved in making things - too much stuff from CHINA has spoiled many, but it is not quality....I LOVE handmade!