Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Jane Progress!

4 DJ 2011
Earlier this year I wrote in this space that I wanted to try to commit to making a lot of Dear Jane progress this year (there's a lot of qualifying language there, I know, and that's on purpose). I'm happy to report that, so far, I've been making progress! Above are the four blocks I completed between the beginning of the year and 2/5/11.

First was block G1. Piecing the curves was trickier on this one than any of the other curved blocks I hand-pieced, and I'm not sure why. I clipped the seam allowances quite a bit, though, and that seemed to make the difference.

Next was block G7, which I was a bit hesitant to start: It's the center block! These curves came together a bit easier than the previous block.

Then I pieced G8, which was also a little tricky with all those inset seams, but much easier to deal with by hand-piecing than by machine!

Last was block A1. Up to this point, I'd been skipping around in rows A-G, piecing the blocks I thought would be simpler first. However, I've skipped most of the appliqué, and know that if I don't go in some kind of order, I'll be left with all the tricky ones at the end. I've nearly exhausted the blocks I had prepped in previous years (it seemed to be easiest to cut for a handful at a time), and I've since learned the back-basting appliqué technique, so from this point forward I am going to work in order, starting with row A. This block has 32 pieces, the most up to that point!

Here are my totals, as of 2/5/11: 20 blocks completed, 290 pieces total. There are more in the works, though, so stay tuned! If I can complete my goal of 50 blocks this year, that means that by early 2014 I can have the center of the quilt finished! Then it will be on to the triangles... This is a marathon, people, and I'm so happy to be doing it.


Molly said...

These are lovely! And the fabric is gorgeous. And wow, hand piecing. I'm impressed with you!

Marisa said...

Your dear Jane's look awesome. I need to get back to mine at some point. You inspire me!