Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Patchwork linen pouch (take 2)

V pouch front
Hello! Happy March! I wasn't planning on a two-week absence, but life happens. I was out of town for some family stuff, including a memorial for my beloved grandfather, and am now dealing with a horrible hives situation of semi-known origin (detergent on hotel sheets?! really?!? I am a sensitive flower, apparently). Not feeling great can really sap my energy, and I just haven't been very productive, though I'm still Dear Jane-ing (!) However, I'm happy to report that before I took my trip I made this patchwork linen pouch (from I Love Patchwork!, and this is my second time making this pattern) as a gift.

V pouch back
My friend Vanessa has been really amazing lately, and when Iris was sick a month ago, she selflessly drove us to vet appointment after vet appointment, sometimes at 10pm on weeknights, sometimes at 8am on weekends. Selfless, indeed. Knowing Vanessa, I knew a gift of money for gas or any other attempt to reimburse her in that way would be flat out rejected, so I had to get crafty. Vanessa has recently become intrigued with embroidery and wants to learn. She already has Jenny Hart's awesome book, but I figured she could use some supplies to get started.

V pouch lining
So, I loaded this patchwork pouch up with some fabric, a really nice hoop, needles, about a dozen different colors of floss, a thimble, some nice Gingher stork embroidery scissors... Everything I thought she needed to get stitching! This gift went over perfectly, and the pouch is the perfect storage size (I know because I keep all of my hand-stitching supplies in my pouch like this). This pattern comes together so quickly and easily, and it was a treat to use some of my Little Folks voile for the lining. Thanks again, Nessie! You're the best!

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Anonymous said...

what a nice gift! very thoughtful :) and i love that little folks fabric- so cute!