Monday, April 18, 2011

Gifted: birthday wall-hanging

mom bday wallhanging
I just had a birthday, but so did my mom! Hers was yesterday. Ever since I made her this for Christmas, I've been wanting to do a coordinating wall hanging to go above the French doors in her sunroom. (I made this as her Christmas present in 2007, but the last time I was home and saw it hanging I absolutely hated it, so really wanted to make a better replacement.) This finishes around 12" x 60".

mom bday wallhanging quilting
As before, I was inspired by this bit of amazingness. All of the fabric used was Kona white, and I dyed the tan bits myself using the same technique of coffee and tea bags and vinegar. I really like the final shade, but do still wish I could achieve more of a textured, uneven look to the dyed fabric. I guess if there is a next time, I'll have to switch up my technique a bit.

*ETA: I machine-applied my binding by cutting double-fold binding and then stitching it to the wrong side first, then folding over to the right side and sewing down. I think it turned out okay, but I think there are probably other, better ways to go about this for future projects...

And unrelated... My to-sew list has just increased exponentially, it seems, and instead of diligently working away to cross things off my list (I'm now 2+ blocks behind in my Dear Jane sewing), I find myself dreaming (pulling fabrics, buying patterns) of starting new things, like for this. Hmm. Maybe I'm getting my super-crafty mojo back so I can be really productive? NBA finals = Rob watching games a lot of nights, which = more evening work time for me.

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