Tuesday, April 26, 2011

30 hexie bag

30th bday bag front 2

I've already blogged about my birthday party, but haven't said anything about how I spent my birthday day. It was pretty typical KJo, really. I slept in a little, lazed about all morning with the cat and the TV. Rob had to teach plus had office hours, so I was alone for most of the afternoon. Instead of chipping away at my to-do list (which is full of some doozies), I decided to set it all aside and do something for ME. I'd been needing a new bag for ages. I have some Modern Meadow fabrics set aside for the perfect bag, except I haven't figured it out yet. In the meantime, though, I decided to make a stop-gap bag.

30th bday bag back

So I started pulling fabrics from my stash, and when I had a bunch that looked good together, I counted. I had something like 26, so I added more to bring it to a full 30 (a little cheesy, I know, but you only turn 30 once). I really liked a bag I'd seen in an issue of Stitch magazine a while back--I can't remember which issue, but it's red, suede, has hardware on the straps, and has a large outer pocket with floral 3D appliqué. Clearly, I made a lot of changes, but I did keep the shape. I should note here that I cut at least 2 of each fabric, so the bag is made up of more than 60 hexagons total.

30th bday bag inside

The hexies I cut to the pattern in Natural Patchwork, then I laid them out and stitched them together, by machine, into the shape required for the pattern. I then ironed on fusible fleece and quilted through the top layer. I added an interfaced lining with a pocket and that was that. Almost. By the time I got there, I wasn't really loving the bag, and couldn't figure out what to do with the handle--patchwork? Solid? ?? So instead of rushing to finish and risking being late to my own party, I stopped, set it aside, and took it into my LQS the next day. Maureen, the owner and a great friend of mine, pointed out that the Lantern Bloom print would make a great not-so-solid-but-not-patchworked-either strap, and she was right. I'm not in LOVE with this bag, but I'm very much in like. Which is fine by me.

30th bday bag

Unrelated, I happened to see this Two Hippos post in my reader today and thought it was very interesting. I am lucky in that I have a fantastic LQS that is a great resource--and that is run by a kind and supportive woman. I can't imagine what it would feel like to be put down before you even buy fabric for your creative endeavors. Even though I don't get all of my fabric from my LQS, I will happily pay a bit more per yard to buy locally as opposed to paying less to buy online. I think it's really important to support your community, and the extra customer service I get in person really can't be beat!

So, inspired by Ronit and also by this post, which started it all, here are some things that I think but don't say out loud:

  • I am also not a Pips fan (I think it's the colors)

  • I was not in love with Innocent Crush, except for this voile, but I did buy some prints because I'd hoped they would grow on me; I am ridiculously excited about her next line, though

  • I'm not a fan of the Single Girl quilt (and, in general, not a fan of anything template-cut)

  • I hate Denyse Schmidt's Greenfield Hill line, too

  • I'm not really big on Heather Ross, though the rest of blogland still seems to be

  • I spend way too much money on craft books I look through a couple of times but don't make anything from. Hmm. Maybe that's grounds for a giveaway?

I will just continue to make what I'm inspired to make when I feel like making it, buy fabrics I'm drawn to whether they're trendy or not, and plug along at my Dear Jane at a pace I feel comfortable with. It works for me, and I don't feel any pressure to change anything to make it work for anyone else. Ahh, the fabulousness of 30!


two hippos said...

The bag looks great! I need to get better at sewing-for-me, and I'm totally jealous that you have such a great LQS. Maybe one day, in one of my many moves, I'll find one too :)

I don't have that many craft books but I can't say I've made so many items out of the ones I do own. Then again, I do turn to them for inspiration so I think they're valuable even if I don't regularly use them for their intended purpose.

And happy 30th again! It's a good age to be :)

DangAndBlast! said...

Happy (belated - I'm a month behind in my feed reader) birthday! Mine's coming up... should do something cute like that.

And glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't get the excitement of Heather Ross!

Your choices please me just fine :)