Thursday, May 19, 2011

Natural Patchwork

NP group 1
I was just skimming through old posts from last summer, looking for a mention of working on a big commission project, but I couldn't find any?? Hmm. Anyway, last summer I undertook a large commission project for the publisher I work for: Make 12 sample projects from Natural Patchwork to be given out to sales reps to help sell the book.

NP group 4
These have all been finished since August (!) but I wanted to wait until the book was actually printed and on sale before I posted them (I worked from a Word file of the manuscript and a photocopy of the Japanese book, which was really tough!). I tried out a variety of projects because I wanted to test some of the patterns and also show some of the range that's in the book.

NP hot pads 2
I spent a lot of time trying to match the fabric choices in the original book, which made everything take quite a bit longer than if I'd been making them for myself and using fabrics I had on hand. These hot pads, especially, were really time-consuming!

NP courthouse bags
These bags took a while, too. Those courthouse steps blocks are really small! I consolidated some of the quilting (I did about half as much as was recommended in the book, and all of that by machine) and they still took a while. Looking back on them now, though, I am really loving them, especially that red bag!

NP mini pouches 1
I learned some new construction techniques, especially with the courthouse steps bags, which are quilted in sections and then have bias binding applied to cover the raw edges. The bags also use an interesting zipper insertion method that I had never tried but did like.

NP pot holder 1
In all, it was a great experience. I really like the book and the variety of projects in it and would highly recommend picking up a copy (and not just because I work here!). It's sweet to look at all this happy patchwork now, and I'm a little sad I had to let it all go. I'm thinking now that I may have to revisit some of it this summer...


two hippos said...

What an amazing opportunity to get to play with a new book! Your items look great -- maybe you'll get a couple back eventually?

Anonymous said...

love the hot pads! those are next on my list :) i'm so glad to finally see pics of these projects!!

eileensideways said...

so so cute. love the aqua and red bags.

Bellgirl said...

I just found this through your Flickr photos- I've been looking for projects from this book because I really liked the first book. What a great job you have! The patterns look wonderful, thanks for sharing your pics!