Monday, May 16, 2011

Bird branch for Hilary

H bird branch 4
As part of yet another crafty/arty swap with the amazingly talented Hilary Emerson Lay, I made her this variation of a bird mobile (softie tutorial from here). I lucked into getting this branch from a coworker and thought it was perfect: It leaves Hilary with the option of mounting it on the wall or hanging it from the ceiling.

bird branch hanging
She opted to hang it, as seen above (this photo was texted to me by Hilary herself). Just like the other two times, the birds are completely stitched by hand. I know this takes me longer to do by hand than it would to do by machine, but I like the portability of the project (I actually worked on some of these during my trip to New York) and I like the control I have by hand. Those curves can be tricky!


eileensideways said...

colorful birds, looking life-like on the branch. such talent.

Anonymous said...

I just love this. Those birds are so sweet looking and colorful!