Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Dear Jane progress

It seems I am now making these blocks faster than I can blog them! I looked at my finished blocks for the summer and noted that I only finished 1 in June, but got nearly caught up with 7 in July! I am happy to say that I'm finally back on track with my one block per week completion schedule! Which means that I have three blocks that are still on my camera, with another in progress. It seems I'll always be behind with documenting, if not making.

Anyway, above is block C2. I'm finding these diamonds a little tricky to appliqué, even using the back-basting technique. The corners just always end up a little bulky.

Here's block C4. That sashing in the middle adds a LOT of pieces! It finishes at around 1/4", so it's a little tricky to stitch, too.

Block C5 is possibly my favorite so far! I really like the sweetness of it, and the fabric I used. I traced the block onto paper first before reversing the design and transferring to freezer paper, so my block "spins" in the right direction! I also redrafted slightly to match Jane's quilt, piecing the white curves to white wedges. I really like the look it gives the block.

And here's block C6, one with all curved piecing. I really am finding this simple to do by hand. For these last two blocks, I didn't even have to clip any of the curves to make them fit. I think I'd prefer to do curved piecing over curved appliqué, if given the choice. I really love the fabric for this one, too.

You may notice on the sidebar that I've changed the way I'm tracking my finished blocks. This chart is actually Excel-based and requires much less Photoshop work on my part. It doesn't look as pretty as the old one, but I think it's easier to see my blocks without Jane's quilt in the background, so there you go. I'm really looking forward to having rows A-G done so that the trip around the world pattern becomes more obvious, because right now it's not really evident.

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Anonymous said...

That third block looks very tricky. Will each block in the whole quilt use a different fabric?