Monday, August 8, 2011

Passport Dress

Passport dress 2
Since my last post, this happened (check out the comments--eeee!) and there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes Dear Jane-ing which I plan to show soon, but not much else by the way of productivity. Which is okay, because I'm plugging away at some fall deadlines, including two commission projects, while still dreaming of doing more sewing for me. Above is my take #1 of the Lisette Passport Dress.

Passport dress 1
I pretty much followed the pattern as written for this. I did add my Socialite Dress pockets to the side seams of this skirt, but they are a bit too low as I started them below the pattern's zipper marking. Oops. Still, they're there. I also did a bias bind instead of a facing around the neckline, but I think the neckline is a bit puckered and really could've used a facing, even with my stay-stitching. Again, oops.

Passport dress back
I'm not really sure how I feel about this dress. I did a bit of modification to the bodice, taking out some length but preserving the neckline and strap length. It's fitted, but not tight, though the back puckers horizontally (if you can see that above), which makes me feel not-so-confident about it.

Passport dress zip
Also, once I put the dress together, it was gaping at the armpits. Because I didn't notice this until I'd already put in the lapped zipper (which I think I did pretty well! yay!) and finished the arm holes, I added a little pleat to each side. It's not so noticeable from the front, but it still bugs me. So, I guess if I ever DO make this dress again, the bodice will require at least another go. *sigh*


two hippos said...

I love the fabric choices. I think if you wear it with a sweater in the fall, the back puckers won't be noticeable.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you even finished it and it's wearable! The lisette pattern I was working on has been sitting, unfinished, on my desk for months!

Love those fabrics!