Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wedding Chantilly

us wedding day 1
Finally--the dress! Above is a photo of Rob and me taken in the hotel lobby before my brother's wedding. I finished the dress way back in September and knew that I wouldn't have the time or resources for a proper photo shoot on the actual wedding day, so I had one at home when the dress was finished. Just so I could show you the details I love!

wedding Chantilly 4
This is, again, the Colette Patterns Chantilly dress, the same pattern I used for my birthday dress. I really love this pattern. There is a LOT of hand-gathering so it takes a bit to cut out and construct, but it is SO worth it.

wedding Chantilly 1
I used an Innocent Crush voile (possibly my favorite print/fabric to come out in the last few years; definitely saved for this special project!) by Anna Maria Horner for the outer layer and a light pink cotton lawn for the lining. The dress is really lightweight and floaty, but it's still a lot of dress! Or, skirt, rather:

wedding Chantilly twirl

wedding Chantilly 3
This version has pockets, which is awesome!

wedding Chantilly hem 2wedding Chantilly underskirt 1
I also wanted to make it a little more fancy than my previous version, so I added two rows of bias ruffles to the hem. It's a little trick I learned from this book. It pushes out the lining just enough; not as much as a petticoat would, but I didn't want to steal the show, plus I wanted to keep the dress wearable to the office and more casual functions.

me wedding Chantilly 1
Bottom line: I adore this pattern and highly recommend it for a party-feeling dress! I also want to note here that my jewelry is by Stonehouse Studio and I really really love it. I can't decide if I like the necklace or earrings more...


Jennifer said...

This dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! You have done such a fantastic job and I love the pink lining.

Roisin Muldoon said...

The bias ruffles!! My word, they are adorable! I love this, well done x

Anonymous said...

awesome!!!! love the twirly picture - the perfect dancin' dress :) you're a talented lady!

Kat said...