Friday, December 16, 2011

Peony dress!

Peony dress 2
Wrapping up the wedding posts, finally... I made myself a Colette Patterns Peony dress to wear to my brother's wedding rehearsal. I had made myself another version of the Socialite dress and did wear it to a different wedding (though that's another post), but at the last minute decided I wanted a Peony instead. So I scheduled myself one hour of work between getting home from my day job and making dinner for two whole weeks. I was able to get most of it done, but because I decided to fully line the dress, I completed sewing the lining to the zipper on the plane and the lining to the arm holes in the hotel room! Still, I finished in time to wear it to the rehearsal! Go me.

Peony dress back
I knew when I saw the Anna Maria Horner Needleworks fabrics that I wanted to create something out of them that wasn't just needlepoint. I was going to stitch on the little cummerbund belt, but ultimately decided it would be too much. I left the fussy-cut sleeves unlined, however, so that I could add embroidery / cross stitch if I wanted to over time.

Peony dress 3
I really like this dress! I think it's gorgeous but casual. It has pockets! The little belt does wonders.

Peony dress 1
Despite the simplicity of the pattern, I had a few issues with creating this dress. I did my first full-bust adjustment, and it certainly shouldn't be my last! It took a bit of time, though. And then, somehow, I messed up the bust dart on one side. It's curvier than the other, and without the belt looks absolutely awful. I also think I made the belt a little too snug, as it actually gathers the dress a bit at the waist. It takes some fiddling to get it looking right, but then I'm set all day. I think the next time I make it, I should either take the belt out or the dress in or both. And fix the bust dart, because I would like the option of wearing this belt-less. I have a holiday version in mind with longer sleeves, so here's hoping I can get to it! Things have been INSANE the last few weeks, both at my day job and at home / crafting.

rehearsal Peony 3
Anyway, if you'd like to see the full album of family wedding / Cincinnati pictures, go HERE. (And yes, that photo above is me trying to document the dress pre-rehearsal, in the hotel room.)


two hippos said...

I really like the shape of the dress -- and it looks fantastic on you. I' so impressed with your dress-making skills.

eileensideways said...

love the zig zag of the fabric. very cute design, perfect for you.