Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super massive Dear Jane update!

DJ squares 12-31-11
It's been a while since I've posted one of these, so there's a lot to catch up on! But first, the big news: I completed 50 blocks--made of 1,134 pieces--in 2011! That brings my completed total to 66 blocks, comprised of 1,347 pieces, not counting sashing. I've assembled rows A-D, but I won't be putting the whole top together until the blocks are done. Yahoo!

I'm ridiculously excited about this. It was almost a year ago that I posted that I'd like to complete one block each week for the year. My ultimate goal was 52 blocks, but I knew between traveling and work and projects and, well, life, that I would actually shoot for 50 and if I hit it I'd be pretty happy about it. So, here's a quick showcase of the 16 (?!?!) blocks I haven't yet blogged. Above is block D1.

Here's block D2, which I really enjoy, though I can't pinpoint why. Maybe just the shapes?

This is block D4 (D3 was previously blogged here). This is completely pieced, even the melons in the corners. Curved piecing is not so bad, especially by hand!

Block D5, which is pretty straightforward.

Block D7 (D6 was blogged here). Another straightforward one, which was welcome!

This is block D8. I really love how this block turned out, though it was difficult to make! I fussy cut the pieces to get that radiating stripe feeling. This block is entirely appliquéd using the back-basting technique that I favor. I still feel like my points could be pointier, but this is the best I can do at this moment. I wonder how much better I'll be by the time I finish this quilt?

Here's block D9. I think I was trying to do something so the orientation of the ducks would be consistent, but now I can't remember if I succeeded or failed. Probably best if I never know, eh?

DJ D10
Block D10. Straight lines, pointy points, matching corners. Ahh!

DJ D11
Block D11, which I think is less successful. I had trouble with the diamond appliqués, which I think have a bit of a wonk factor. Still, what would Jane do? Make it work.

DJ D12
Here's block D12, which I think turned out fine, but I'm not so keen on my fabric choice. Choosing fabrics has been really difficult--more difficult than I would've expected. I'm preserving the trip around the world in the center of the quilt, but in the outside it's tricky to tell what colors the original fabrics were. Also, Jane used a lot of browns in her Civil War–era quilt, and I don't have a 1930s equivalent. I've marked a lot of them on my chart as "multi" or "dark", and I guess this was the best I could come up with for this block.

Here's the beginning of row E! (Block D13 is blogged here.) I had the same issue with the fabric as with the previous block, but think this one turned out okay. Again, it's completely pieced instead of appliquéd. The center was a little tricky to assemble; I hope it holds together in the finished quilt!

Block E2, which looks a little pink here. Pieced and appliquéd.

Block E4 (E3 is here), which looks REALLY pink here. Simply pieced.

E5, which is pieced and appliquéd. I thought I was being smart when I marked where the center circle was on all of the side pieces so that I didn't sew them all the way to the center points, which would've been difficult to match up.

Here's block E6, which has a lot of little pieces! The squares near the corners are appliquéd and aren't perfect, but I think they're fine.

And, finally, block E7! I finished this on New Year's eve during a Twilight Zone marathon. I had intended to fussy-cut these pieces so the stripes all ran the same way, but that clearly didn't work. I did my best to keep the block symmetrical, though.

So, that's it! A year ago, I only had 16 scattered blocks completed. I now have 66, including four full rows assembled! That feels like an accomplishment, though I still have a long way to go. I'm renewing my desire for this year (and secretly hoping to catch up on those last 2 from 2011 plus complete a full 52 for 2012) and can't wait to see my progress in another year's time. Cheers to hand stitching, productivity, and Jane!


eileensideways said...

E6 is interesting. the red does it justice. those are some pretty intricate blocks when u consider how old the quilt is.

Karen said...

Good for you! A job well done! Your blocks are fabulous, I love the fabric. Something tells me you will complete the last two blocks from 2011 along with your 2012 blocks. You go girl!!!

Kat said...

Did you know you quilt poems?