Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An award, and a skirt

I saw a sweet blog comment this morning from Johanna saying that she'd found me via Rachel at Darling Autodidact, who had given me an award! It seems Rachel has nominated me for a Liebster. Rachel mentions in her post that she had been nominated twice before actually posting about it, and I must say that I've done the same! I was first mentioned by Ronit of Two Hippos a month ago and did nothing about it (shameful!). SO. Here is my appreciation! Thank you to all those fabulous ladies!

According to Ronit, "The award--whose origins are unknown, as best I can tell--is for small blogs and helps spread the word about them." The whole thing feels a little chain-letter-y to me, but I'm happy to present to you five blogs, below, with fewer than 200 subscribers, according to my reader. This should not be so! 
  • A Table in the Shade: Written by Molly, my former assistant who moved away (*sniff* she's legendary, I tell ya) and then found sewing. Her site is gorgeous and her work is impeccable!
  • Summer at Grandma's House: Kris is a really great quilter who uses a ton of color to make really fun stuff!
  • Ice Pink Stars: I just found this blog, run by Allie, who is super cute! She has a great style, some crafty tattoos, and makes some fabulous garments!
  • The Cataloguer: Another new-to-me blog, by Liz, who also makes some fabulous garments!
  • Gather Here: A local (to me) stitch lounge full of crafty people and tons of inspiration!
So there you have it. If you don't know these blogs, please check them out! And, because this post wouldn't be complete without a picture: 
Here's a skirt I whipped up on Sunday. I was in a mood to clear out a bunch of my stash fabric, most of which has already been pre-washed and earmarked for garments that I just never get around to sewing. I Tweeted that I wanted to wipe out a bunch of it with some garments; this is the only thing I actually accomplished. Still, it's AWESOME. I'm calling it my Betty skirt; full photo shoot (plus 2 more versions!) to come...


Johanna said...

Ooh cute skirt, and congrats on your award. I am going to follow ice pink stars, her stuff is cool :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award :) Love your skirt! And thanks for mentioning me :)