Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Taffy, and a Question

At the last minute, I finished my Taffy for the Sew Colette challenge! Actually, I must confess: I think of this as a wearable muslin, as I never made one (a first in a long while).

Taffy blouse 2
I did read others' feedback on the pattern, so I made adjustments to the paper pattern before cutting out my fabric. I added an inch to the neckline at the shoulders, tapering to the pattern as written in the centers. I also did my usual removal of 1" at the waist because I'm a shorty.

Taffy blouse 4
All of the fabric for this blouse was left over from the Chantilly dress I made for my brother's wedding. I made my own bias tape, and I'm happy to report that cotton lawn makes a really nice one! It's thin but holds a crease well and hardly adds any bulk to the finish, even though all edges of the bias-bound garment are five layers thick!

Taffy blouse 6
Still, the top didn't fit me very well. The front was fine with only the shoulder width adjustment, but the back? Super baggy. More than just me not doing a swayback adjustment (which would've been a good idea, but I forgot, mostly). I ended up pinning out up to 3" in the center, tapering to nothing at the ends. I like the tailored look here--it kind of reminds me of my Jasmine top, with the center seaming.

Taffy blouse silk
So now, the question. As mentioned, this is my wearable muslin. In fact, way back in January, I bought this sweet blue printed silk charmeuse to use for this blouse specifically - I think I have 2 yards. Instead of making a regular muslin and using the silk, I'm waiting on some fabric stabilizer, which is in the mail but hasn't arrived. This may be a good thing, as I'm not sure this top is for me.

Taffy blouse 5
What do you think, dear reader? Should I make the swayback adjustment to my pattern piece, possibly add a center back seam, and make this top again using the silk? Or should I call it even and use the silk for something else--another Jasmine, perhaps? What say you? I'm leaning toward saving the silk, but could be convinced otherwise...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure what you should do either! The pattern on this fabric is adorable, and the shirt looks particularly cute tucked in and with the tie around the middle. But since you're already questioning whether you should make this shirt again, then maybe you should save the silk?

Gillian said...

I've struggled with the same thing! I like the chiffon version in the book, but I'm not interested in pushing myself to try anything to tricky! So many people have had trouble with this pattern... I say say the silk for a pattern you KNOW that you'll love and wear often!
That said: Good for you for making such a cute version! i've been eying that fabric in the shops for a year, at it looks great on you!

eileensideways said...

the shirt looks cute tucked in with the flouncy sleeves. i don't like to make things twice. save the silk.

Johanna said...

Your taffy looks really great! I haven't finished mine, but what I found nice was how refreshingly forgiving it was in the back. Mine's probably a bit baggy too, but what with the drapey fabric and style, I think it's fine :) Plus, the ties really save the day! So don't worry about it too much!

And hmmm, if you don't love love the Taffy probably save that silk for another adventure? :)

Anonymous said...

I can comment on your blog again! Yipee :) love that shirt - especially the sleeves!