Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mom, you're not gonna like this....

So, you all know how much I love my sewing machine tattoo, right? Because I love it. So so much! But... Well, lately I've been feeling like it's weirdly floating on my arm. I think the placement is spot-on, but while sleeveless, my arm just felt...incomplete. See here:
Truffle dress 6
So I, uh, had a little work done.

Sewing notions half-sleeve 2
Okay, it's kind of a lot of work (though you would be impressed to know how little time and money it takes to permanently mark yourself like this!). I had requested a loose half-sleeve of sewing notions, and that's what I got!

Sewing notions half-sleeve 8
I went to Witch City Ink, as before. I would (and do) recommend this place to anyone wanting a tattoo! I had wanted Molly to do this one, since she had done my sewing machine, but she's no longer there. So I had P.J., and he was awesome. Amazeballs. The shizz. For serious. Case-in-point: I showed up with a bag of notions, he took photos of my stork scissors, needle threader, thread cutter, thimble, some vintage spools, and a handful of buttons. Two weeks later I showed up for my appointment and he had drawn this. The pattern pieces with stitching lines (so couture!)?? ALL HIS IDEA! Amazeballs indeed.

Sewing notions half-sleeve 6
Sewing notions half-sleeve 4
And see how he added this additional pattern piece to tie the new work into the existing sewing machine? Brilliant. He also drew it right on me and avoided my inner and outer elbow, for which I and my tolerance for pain are very grateful!

Sewing notions half-sleeve 5
Mom: I know you said, after the sewing machine: "I hope you don't sleeve out!" I'd say I haven't. Yet. I'll also say that I'm certain I'm not done forever...and if I'm honest, not done by a long shot. I'm definitely going to want something when I finally finish my Dear Jane! But done for now. Sort of... I'm going back today, in a few hours, for some shading in the metallic areas and color in the buttons and thread spools. But then I'm done. For now. I think. ;)

**If you read me through a feed reader, many apologies for the multiple early posts! I have a hard time editing in Blogger in my iPad so was trying a new app, but it was publishing immediately! Anyone have any recommendations for blog editing apps?


Gillian said...

Oh me, oh my - Amazing! (I think your mom's going to love it!) That is a beautiful tattoo! I think the scissors aer my favorite.. or the button... It's all great!

Katy47p said...

Wow what a great tattoo, I love the design of it, really suits you. I like all the sewn pieces that tie all the parts together best.

two hippos said...

That's really cool!