Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quilted Tote

As I promised in my last post, this one is not at all about cats but instead is about the quilted tote I whipped together on Sunday night. And by "whipped together" I don't mean in the 30 minutes while dinner was cooking. No, despite that being my original thought, it wasn't how it worked out. It took me a good two hours (including those 30 minutes before dinner) to make this baby. For some reason, I just thought it wouldn't take as long as it did.

Which is why I got sloppy. You can see a couple more shots on my Flickr page. I machine-applied the binding to save time, and I used white thread throughout because, hey, that's what I had in my machine. So you can see that on the handles as well. The bag is an Atkinson design, and my pattern is from this book, although I think she publishes it often in her other books.

But, sloppiness aside, it's pretty cute, right?

It's making me think of spring.

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