Monday, March 24, 2008

This Is NOT a Cat Blog...

...but I can't help but post these sweet pictures of the cats taken over my long weekend. Not that I had any days off work... No, I took Friday for myself because I knew this week was going to be crazy--it is. It's full of meetings, which I pretty much hate. Why do I need a career? With responsibility? I mean, I love my job and all, but some weeks are just easier than others.

I digress... I took Friday off to sleep in and go out to brunch with Rob and take some pictures in sunlight. Like the photo above, which is Iris on the (quilted) bedspread, with two quilted wall hangings behind her. Like I said before, is there such a thing as too much quilty? I pretty much love the bedroom like this now.

And here's a closeup of my lovely Iris Beans on the bed quilt and with my Yellow Brick Road quilt for a little extra snuggle bumper. She is a beauty, no?

Aaaand here are both of the cats getting along and laying together on the bed. The longer days of sunlight have everyone a little more cheery in our apartment. Well, energetic at least. Bellow was extra rough in playing with Iris the last two days and we've had to yell at him for biting her until she yowls both days. I worry what they're up to while we're at work, though they really are probably just napping.

Okay, it's late and Iris and I need to join the boys in bed. I promise the next post will be less about the cats and more about the crafting I've done over the weekend, like the quilted tote I whipped together last night. Stay tuned...

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