Friday, March 14, 2008

A Taste

Here's just a taste of some lovely Kona cotton solids I've gotten in the last month or so. I just can't help it when they're on sale here. So I go a little crazy and buy half yards of all the blues and greens and even some purples. My friend JJ calls these "water colors" and I think that's appropriate. Anyway, I will be diving into this stack tomorrow to work on a new project I have in the works. 

Speaking of tomorrow, it's National Quilting Day! My plan to celebrate is to pop down to my local quilt shop to ask some advice about a current project I have in the works, then meet a (non-quilty) friend for lunch, and, at some point, get started on aforementioned secret new project. I'm sure in there I'll also watch some On-Demand Party of Five, because who can resist? Seriously. 

And now, some interesting links: 
  • I just came across this tutorial for making sew-in garment labels and think it is so great! I'd previously been using a similar technique, but with white felt instead of twill tape. When I finally get around to making the dresses I have planned, I'll have to give this a shot. 
  • In honor of National Quilting Day being tomorrow, here's a link to Dear Jane, which is probably the most famous historical quilt (am I wrong here?). I'm drawn to the story and find it so compelling... Maybe it will be something to tackle someday, but I'm just not ready to embark on such a project right now. 
Happy Friday! I will be SO happy when this week is over. Today hasn't been to bad, but I've spent the last six work days in what my previous boss calls "quality control hell" and have realized that it doesn't end, it just has layers. Tonight will be cocktails and movies and forgetting about anything related to quality control--until Monday. 

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