Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A break from crafting

So, I didn't do any crafting last weekend because we were at my friend Jeff's wedding in Connecticut! It was a lovely wedding ceremony, and we had a really nice time with our friends Grace and JJ, who were generous enough to drive our butts around all weekend! 

I guess there is a little craftiness that went into this weekend. First, of course, I made the (sort of) crazy quilt as our wedding gift. I came back to work Monday morning to a lovely thank-you email from the couple saying how much they appreciate the gesture and that they are going to hang it in their (tiny Brooklyn) apartment because it's art. My heart just swells when my gifts are appreciated like that! 

Second is the work I did on my dress. It was a total splurge purchased by me during our "spring break '07" trip to Portland, Maine. It was $60, but Rob talked me into it (and actually, those red earrings were from that trip, too! $12, made from vintage beads). It was strapless, and a little too loose for my comfort. So, I added the grosgrain ribbon straps, and I took in the sides of the top at the seams, about an inch or so on each side. The dress is so amazing and fun, with a bunch of tulle in the skirt, so it looked (and felt) like a Miss Muffet dress. So fun! I got a lot of lovely compliments, which was so nice. And I wore my new red Payless Mary Janes, which were surprisingly comfy (no blisters on my first-time wearing them!) and looked so matchy-matchy. 

Okay, and I also forgot that I crafted my red handbag for the wedding, which is another post. I also stitched up a quick felt envelope for cash and ID, but that's another entry, too. The last bit of crafting in that photo above is my lovely work tying Rob's bow tie! We finally figured it out. He was the only man there rocking the bow tie, and he looked so nice in it!

This last photo is of us in front of the hotel on Friday night before we headed to a brew pub for dinner. I just think it's a sweet picture of us. There are lots more on my Flickr page

There probably won't be much crafting this weekend, either, because from Thursday until early Monday morning we will have three Vikings staying with us, including the little one. It's turning out to be a busy summer! 

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50 foot QE said...

What an amazing outfit! I really love it.