Monday, August 4, 2008

Yet another belated birthday present

As the title of this post indicates, here's yet another of the belated birthday presents I've been crafting lately. This is take two of the fabric basket I've already posted about here. This is for my friend Hallie and is less than a month late, so not too shabby.

I made some of my planned modifications for this one. I resized the lining and it came out better but still could've been more snug. I also adjusted the measurements for the top drawstring piece and that went on much easier this time. I made the bottom and sides one piece, which was an improvement. But I forgot to attach the handles to the sides before assembling the box. Ugh--difficult! Need to remember that next time (if there is one).

I also made my own non-bias bias tape out of the lining fabric for this project. It's a nice touch. I've ordered a set of bias tape makers (I faked these with a pin on the ironing board trick) so I see a lot more of those in my future.

Must run and head home for the day. Blogger says this is my 50th post; can it really be?

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