Friday, March 13, 2009

Blooming Nine-Patch: sandwiched!

Blooming Nine-Patch sandwiched
Yet another post on the progress of my Blooming Nine-Patch quilt... I finished piecing the top last Saturday and sandwiched it with the batting and backing before bringing it to my LQS for show and tell and to choose quilting thread. Now I just need to quilt it, and bind it... I am going to free-motion quilt curlicues in all of the non-nine-patch blocks. I'm a bit nervous about that. I always get nervous when I free-motion quilt, but the last time I did it, for my February swap quilt, my bobbin kept jumping around or something and I ended up with a lot of bearding of the top thread on the back of the quilt. I'm hoping I can get through this one with minimal cursing.

Iris on BNP 1
Iris wanted in on the action, and I ended up getting this great shot. Her face is so expressive--she cracks me up. A lot. This makes me giggle. 

Iris with BNP back
Here's Iris checking out the back of the quilt. I splurged--but let's face it, this whole quilt is a splurge--on some gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabric. Oh MY. It's beautiful, and sturdy, and I'm sure was worth the $10.50 a yard it set me back. 

Bellow on BNP folded 1
And not to be left out, here's Bellow taking a nap on the folded up quilt when it was waiting to go to the quilt shop. The cats both automatically think anything quilted belongs to them. While this would be a nice cat bed, I'm sure there are less expensive ways of making something like this. Of course, if I did make a bed for the cats, they wouldn't use it. They'd probably just steal something else not meant for them. 

Happy Friday! I hope to be back next week with a quilted and partially bound Blooming Nine-Patch and some sneak peeks of a finished March swap quilt. Fingers crossed I can get it all done this weekend.... 


Anonymous said...

Hi, just visiting. I found your blog trhough your photostream in flickr. To be exact in STUD. This quilt of yours is amazing, so much detail.I can't wait to see it finished.Happy sewing!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful Karissa! Amazing work.

joe fischer said...

I don't know if Oskar let the right one in.

Rita said...

Eeek! your blooming nine-patch is so gorgeous! love all the colors and fabrics you used! wow!

mandylifeboats said...

that is beautiful; the color combination is so you; your piecing is outstanding. not sure i would have the patience for all those pieces.