Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Blooming Nine-Patch progress

Blooming nine-patch rows laid out

Poor, sad blog! I just leave you alone to languish for a week at a time. Sigh. Last week was a rough one, but things seem to be looking up. I had a little break in crafting, but I made up for it over the weekend when I finally got to work again on my Blooming Nine-Patch quilt, which I've already blogged about here. The picture above shows my progress as of Sunday morning, I believe. The rows aren't pressed or stitched together, but this is what the entire quilt layout looks like. 

After I took this picture, I spent the next 10+ hours pressing the rows (all seams toward the solid squares and away from the nine-patches), pinning them (agonizing), and stitching them together. Right now the quilt is in six pieces of about six rows each. I probably would've stayed up late on Sunday night putting the entire top together, but I ran out of thread! I killed a 600yd spool of Mettler thread, plus I went through a bunch of Gutermann thread in the beginning of this quilt. I'm calling it the bobbin killer. Also, I don't like to get a top together and pressed unless I'm ready to sandwich it immediately, and I still have to do the label and piece the backing for this quilt. 

So, label embroidery tonight during TV, trip to the quilt shop for more piecing thread on Friday (which I'm taking off as a much-needed mental health day), quilt sandwich Friday or Saturday, then back to the quilt shop on Saturday to choose quilting thread. Then hopefully I can give myself a break on this for a bit and actually get at my March STUD mini-quilt! I have a great idea, but it needs to be executed. In March. 

And another note: I've been added to Quilter Blogs (I've added the link on the right), which is a great site that lets you sample what quilting bloggers are posting right now. There sure are a lot of us! 

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