Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday wrap-up

thimble necklaces
So, in case you didn't know, my birthday was last Wednesday, 4/8. It was a pretty good one. Last year I found out that I share my birthday with Jane Stickle, which I think is very auspicious, no? Anyway, the day started out great, with an early-morning login to my Facebook account to find a message on my wall from (squee!) Mark Lipinski! A little "Happy Birthday, cupcake!" was all I needed to get off to a great start! There were many other wonderful things about my day, including LOTS of cake and a fabulous Indian feast with 7 awesome friends, but you want to see the loot, right?!? 

thimble necklace 2
It's a bit of an odd story about these thimble necklaces. I saw an ad for the Octopus Parlour Etsy shop in BUST magazine, looked it up, and loved the necklace! So I sent a link to it to my mom, husband, and favorite coworker. Said coworker immediately purchased the one pictured above and then got everyone on my floor to pitch in (there are 7 of us on the mezzanine). 

thimble necklace 1
Turns out my husband didn't see the coworker on the email and knew my mom was sending me money, so he tried to purchase the same necklace, but it was gone, so he got this other one. When I showed up to work on my birthday with the necklace on, said coworker's face fell and she confessed what had happened. So, I kept them both, and I love them both! They look different, as you can see, and the antique one is actually a good inch+ longer, so they work with different tops. Can a girl have too many indie handmade thimble necklaces?? 

bday from James
I also got these sweet gifts from my friend and coworker James. I've never done any amigurumi crochet, but these animals are so so cute! I'm thinking Christmas presents for the entire office... Plus I've made a bunch of sock monkeys using the Red Heel socks before, but never a sock elephant! I may have to try that one. 

towel from JJ
This gorgeous quilty towel was a gift from my friend JJ and comes from Lands End. How sweet is this?!?

BeeSquare fabrics
Aaaand of course, more fabric. These 7 (!!) yards were a gift to myself from the check from my mom, all ordered from Bee Square Fabrics (which is having a 35% off moving sale, which is how I ended up with 7 yards!). There are three yards of the Anna Maria Horner Small Gathering, one each of the Filigrees, and one each of the Heather Ross Mendocinos. And look how well they go together! I swear, I didn't even plan for this. 

So, wrapping it up, my birthday was great, and I'm looking forward to another wonderful year of work, friends, and craftiness. 


Journeying Five said...

looks like a great birthday! do the pins come out?

Karissa said...

It *was* a great birthday! Yes, the pins do come out. The necklace is fully functional! Though I don't want to be removing the pins for fear of wiggling about the felt too much. I think I'll keep it just for decoration ;)

Octopus Parlour said...

I'm so glad you like both your necklaces! Thanks for your support and I hope you had a super lovely birthday. :)