Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June S.T.U.D. sent

June texture swap sent
Here it is, July already, and I'm finally posting about the mini-quilt I sent to my partner for S.T.U.D.'s June texture-themed swap. It was received last week, but it seems life has gotten in the way of my posting! Work has been pretty insane these days, and not much has been happening on the crafty front. I do have a few things to show, but need to wait until we actually get some sunshine and it stops raining. Seriously. It's been crappy, cold, and rainy for weeks here in New England. Happy July! 

June texture swap detail 2
Anyway, the theme for this swap was texture, which I thought was an interesting challenge. My first thought was to do something using wave pleats, which I've been wanting to try. I thought others might also be doing pleats, but these are a little different, so I thought that would be good. Then I decided I didn't want to quilt through them, so I'd better add some sashing. I settled on some roughly woven linen I had in the stash (and was able to use up!). 

June texture swap detail 4
Between the wave pleats and the linen, I was thinking "beach" with this, so I hand-quilted it in the linen only using a large, primitive "x" stitch. I really like the way it turned out. I have my "twin" hanging in our hallway and like the way it changes in the light--kind of like it dimples. 

June texture swap + twin
I had some trouble getting the linen to behave on these--it's so shifty! I'm glad I did the twin and quilted that one first, because everything in the one I sent (on the top) looks a lot better than the one I kept! 



VERY CUTE and clever! love them. the blue is a favorite of mine!

Andrea said...

Absolutely Lovely.