Friday, October 23, 2009

Tethered Threads: October

Tethered Threads Oct 2
Not sure if I've really talked about this here yet, but I joined a block party called Tethered Threads. Our first month was October, and we had to make two 12.5" blocks for mommymae. She is making a quilt for her daughter and had requested modern piecing, along with a little bit of something different, like appliqué or embroidery.

Tethered Threads Oct 1
I like the first block better, but I guess I'm pleased with how both of these turned out. The recipient is, so that's great! For both blocks I did some improvisational piecing (stitch, press, trim, stitch, press, trim...) and I added a bit of fabrics from my stash to fill them out. I was happy to see those Anna Maria Horner prints, as I still have bits of those Garden Party fabrics in my scrap pile. For the block above, I didn't want to chop up that lovely print in the middle, so I appliquéd those Good Folks circle flowers to add a little more interest to the block.

You can see the group's Flickr page HERE. I'm excited to see what everyone in the group can do! My month is March and I'm spending a LOT of time thinking about what to request... And what fabrics to buy!

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mommymae said...

i was lucky that i'd been stockpiling these fabrics. i really had no plans, but they are perfect for a quilt for the littlest one. i do love what you've done & i think the squares are going to look so great together. i'm liking the green peeking out from my bed, so i may sash in a green shade.