Thursday, November 11, 2010

Misc crafting

plastic bag dispenser

More catch-up! Here are some little bits I stitched up last month. The first is a plastic bag dispenser, which we didn't know we needed! The pattern is from Stitch magazine a few issues back, and the bag holder hangs on the wall near the litter box. Genius! There's something about those patchwork squares with the diagonal-line quilting through them that just warms my heart...

quilt with wrap 2

The second bit is a little of an after thought. I'd been meaning to make these removable bands to secure baby quilts for the show that killed my mojo but ran out of time. Now: done! It's a very simple little design, but one that I hope is helpful for parents trying to juggle a million and one baby supplies.

And, sort of related, this lovely post from my reader yesterday goes a long way in summing up how I feel about sewing. Thank you, Mom, Thank you, Gramma, for teaching me to sew. I love you.

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