Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Dear Jane!

Yep, I'm definitely on a roll this year! Above are four more row A blocks, all completed in February, I believe.

A2 was 44 pieces, the most so far! It took quite a while to complete, and I think it came out slightly too large, which is sad, but I'm not re-doing it. I will just lose some of my points when I piece it all together.

A3 was done in only 2 pieces; I made the appliqué just one piece, and left the background as one piece as well. I know it's not true to Jane's, but this way I have a finished block that is exactly the right size. Even though my circle got a little wobbly and my inner points aren't as crisp as I would like.

Block A4 came out a touch too small, I think, but I really like it anyway. I worked on both A3 and A4 when I was in Florida last month.

A5 is okay, but some of my points lost their points when I put it all together. Sad. Still, I really like the focus fabric on this one, and I like the block as a whole.

Block A7 furthers my adventures in back-basting appliqué! I am quite pleased with how this one came together--and with the pointiness of my points. I actually used the melon shapes from block B12 instead, because I didn't think the diagram in the book was "true" enough to the photo of Jane's block.

And believe it or not, I have another block finished that isn't documented here, plus another in the works! Who knows--I may actually finish by the time I'm 40! A girl can dream... Totals as of these blocks: 25 completed, 396 pieces!


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous. I love the fabric your working with. Does every block have a different patterned fabric?

Karissa said...

Thanks, Molls! I've been using a variety of circa-1930s prints that I've been collecting. So far, every block has a different focus fabric, but I'm sure I'll be reusing some of them by the time I finish!