Monday, March 21, 2011

Scrap garland

garland 1
I've been sort of mentioning this in a very roundabout way, but I'm having a birthday soon. A BIG birthday. And while I normally don't make a big deal about my birthday (other than dropping some gift hints for Rob and going out to dinner with some close friends), but this year, I'm making a big deal about it. Part of this big deal involves a new dress, part of it involves a bit of menu planning, part of it involves a LOT of cocktail testing (yum!), and part of it involves some easy peasy handmade decor. Like this garland, which was sort of inspired by this, except is even easier.

garland 3
I spent Saturday night's movie time (Micmacs, which we loved) pinking a lot of what was in my scrap basket into square-ish and rectangular shapes. I didn't have any templates to follow, I just took what I had and made the shapes a bit more straight. For some, I left them as is, un-pinked. Then, yesterday, I put them all through my machine, but instead of making the garland two-sided, I alternated right-side-up and upside-down, so that from both sides the garland would be pleasant. Hey, sometimes the wrong side of a fabric will reveal something interesting!

garland 2
Then I strung the entire thing around in my apartment, felt giddy, and took pictures. It's about 50 feet long! And yet, my scrap basket still looks as full as it did before. Huh.

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