Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend recap

Wildflower pincushions
I finally feel a bit better (still dealing with my allergy situation, but it's improving) and have some energy to focus on other things. I took last Friday off in an attempt to give myself a long weekend in which to be extremely productive. Wishful thinking... Instead, on Saturday I gifted the above Wild Flower Pincushions (made in January) to my quilting friends who had just had birthdays, and then we proceeded to get ridiculously, sloppily drunk. It was lots and lots of fun. Oh, and those pincushions are really really big!

bday dress cut 1
I spent most of Sunday hydrating as I recovered from that night of debauchery. I did attempt to make some progress on a dress for a special occasion. Consider this your sneak peek.

Iris helping cut
Although it's difficult to get too much done when you have such enthusiastic help...

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