Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Jane progress

DJ A12
My poor, neglected blog! I am behind in posting, and a little behind in crafting (and definitely behind in my Dear Jane progress), but I *am* making progress, which is what counts! Above is block A12, finished a month ago. Where does all the time go?!

DJ A13
And here is block A13, finished a couple of weeks ago. You know what that means? Row A is DONE!

DJ row A
I cut the sashing and pieced the row together by machine (to give my hands a bit of a break from all that hand-stitching, and to add a little extra resilience to the quilt as a whole) on 4/22. It is so amazing to have a row completed and to see it all together! Now I'm onto finishing row B, although I'm behind by 2 blocks at least, soon to be 3. Here's hoping I can shake this cold I have long enough to chip away and make some progress...

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Anonymous said...

looking good! your first row looks amazing :)