Thursday, May 12, 2011

NYC + fabric haul

leaving NYC 6
Part of why I've been MIA is that I was in New York City for work two weeks ago, and have been fighting with allergies / a cold / general yuckiness since I got back. I didn't take a ton of pictures, partly because I've been there before, and mostly because I know I'll be back, but I did take a few, which you can see here.

Mood fabrics 2
I had three stops I wanted to make: the Strand, Mood, and Purl. Even though my plans and what actually happened ended up diverging significantly, I was able to visit all three! Above is a picture of what I got at Mood (which is surprisingly different from what they show on Project Runway, but still huge and overwhelming). I had only a backpack for the three-day trip, and I had to carry EVERYTHING for much of it, so I tried to keep my purchases small and light. I limited myself to the cottons so I wasn't completely overwhelmed, and I ended up with yardage of these two prints, both of which I believe are cotton lawn. Aren't they pretty? I'm definitely thinking of summer wear for both.

Purl fabrics 1
I don't have anything to show for my visit to the Strand (hey--books are heavy!) but above is my haul from Purl, which I thought was surprisingly small in person. I pretty much knew going in that I was going to allow myself some Liberty yardage, but I didn't have my eye on anything in particular. Then I saw this:
How lovely, right?!? I got a yard and a half, and I'm thinking of summer top for this one, too. It is so so beautiful, and so so expensive, but I'm going to try to not treat it as something precious; instead, I'm going to pre-wash it and cut it and sew it and wear it. It will do nobody any good if it sits in a pile as untouchable! The other fabrics from Purl are a yard of Kokka on sale, a random fat quarter, and more yardage of a lovely Japanese print that caught my eye.

NYC fabrics
In all, I got about 7 yards of fabric, plus thread and invisible zippers. Not bad, eh? Now to get through my must-sew list so I can work on my want-to-sew list...

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